Negotiation & Power: The Art and Science of Persuading Others

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The ability to negotiate is as important a business skill as it ever has been – it can be the difference between a beneficial compromise or a loss. Developing the skill set to successfully navigate the various types of negotiation, conflicts that arise during the process, and other biases or contributing factors to ultimately find a mutually-beneficial agreement is critical to success, for both yourself and your organization.

Negotiation & Power: The Art and Science of Persuading Others examines negotiation types, frameworks and strategies to enhance your negotiation style while understanding how feeling powerful impacts our behavior along with the role of personality and gender differences throughout the process. The frameworks and skills developed in the course will be applied to your personal experiences through exercises in the live virtual sessions and a self-assessment. At course completion you will be a more knowledgeable and effective negotiator poised to drive results for yourself, your team, and your organization.

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Alison Fragale
Most Powerful Women
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Tuesdays at 5:30pm ET, Starting the week of June 18th

More About This Course

Weekly independent coursework and live virtual sessions will cover key topics in negotiation including:

  • What negotiation is and the four most common mistakes
  • Best Alternative to Negotiated Agreement (BATNA) Framework
  • Creating value vs claiming value
  • Managing Negotiation Reputation: Managing Power, Emotions, Lies
  • Role of personality and gender bias
  • Self-Assessment

Course Duration: 6 weeks

Expected Effort: 2 hours/week

Format: 100% Online with a combination of independent coursework and live virtual classes

  • Independent Self-Study: Engage with coursework on your schedule with our online learning management system available on desktop and mobile. Content includes lecture, interactive polls, video, and more. Completion of 1 hour of content weekly required.
  • Live Virtual Class: Engage with faculty and peers in face-to-face learning, discussion, and debate during weekly faculty led live sessions. Classes are limited to 15 participants to allow ample opportunity to collaborate.

Networking Opportunities: Engage with faculty and peers through discussion boards and during weekly live virtual sessions.

Negotiation & Power: The Art and Science of Persuading Others is part of the Most Powerful Women certificate.

This certificate is based on Fortune’s MPW list and premier annual gathering of preeminent women in business, along with select leaders in government, philanthropy, education, sports and the arts. Most Powerful Women encompasses courses to engage participants in wide-ranging conversations to inspire and deliver practical advice and tools to enhance your business and your career. During the 12-week certificate you will build a management framework in key leadership areas including – Negotiations, Finance, Marketing, Leading through Storytelling, and Leading Change – while addressing the unique challenges that face women when navigating the business world and rising within an organization.

To obtain the Most Powerful Women certificate complete three of the 5 below courses and gain access to the Fortune│UNC network consisting of an online community of leadership peers and annual invitation-only conference.

  • Leading & Embracing Organizational Change
  • Marketing for Modern Customers and Markets
  • Strategic Decision-Making & Team Management
  • Strategy in High Velocity Environments
  • Negotiation & Power: The Art and Science of Persuading Others


Individual Course: $3250

Certificate: $9750 (3 courses)

Group Rate: A 10% discount is available for two or more individuals from the same organization if attending the same course. Additional discounts available for five or more registrations from the same organization.

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